Children’s Choir and Classical Music Children’s Ensembles

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New Course

Musical Praxis Conservatory, aimed at the ages of 8-13, inaugurates a department of Children’s Ensembles and Choir, which will serve as the central core of the artistic activity of young students of the classical department.

In these lessons they will be invited to participate in rotating activities, knowing their voice through the Children’s Choir, practicing their knowledge in the ensemble specializing in Music Ensembles, discovering the theory of music and the basic principles of composition and improvisation, and performing concerts of various contents throughout the conservatory year.

The goal of our conservatory, which meets the requirements of a modern world and artistic space that is evolving rapidly in recent years, is to enter as quickly as possible into an environment dominated by group collaboration, individual expression and to be armed with tools that will accelerate their music studies and will make them more enjoyable and adventurous, to socialize, to set goals and to share the joy of creating and musical collaboration.

The department replaces the compulsory course of “Theory” for students aged 8 to 13.

Τελική Συναυλία των Μουσικών Συνόλων στο Gazarte

Διδάσκοντες Καθηγητές

Konstantinos Manolkidis

Classical Guitar

Nikitas Kissonas

Classical, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Chamber Music

Classical Department

The Classical department of the Musical Praxis Conservatory, by utilizing its many years of experience in the field of musical education, has updated its curricula depending on the needs of the present times, based mainly on the collaboration with professors who are specialized in their field and with a modern educational approach.