Music Pre-Education

For children aged 3-6

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Inspired by Carl Orff (1895-1982), musicokinetic education is based on the three elements of speech-music-movement, which function as a single unit, the unifying element being rhythm, as well as on the proven assumption that song and movement are understood as one unit during childhood.

One of the main concerns in music education is that teaching should not only focus on the music product, but it must also take into account the holistic-humanitarian, therapeutic, social and emotional factors associated with music.

Carl Orff’s approach is holistic and it addresses all aspects of humans/children. It does not only evolve musicality, but it also offers experiences and interactive processes that aim at the awareness of the individual and collective mood and behavior, the expression of emotions and artistic expression in its elemental form, exchange and mutual involvement, the evaluation and deepening of the experience for individual and artistic development.

It utilizes the fact that speech and movement function and develop simultaneously during childhood, in order to help children develop motor-dance and musical skills at the same time.

The main goal of musicokinetic education is the development of creative and expressive skills. The means used are play, song, experimentation and improvisation on musical instruments, mainly of the Orff Orchestra, improvised musical instruments, loud objects, our voice and our own body!


Chrysanthi Zertopouli

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