Contemporary Department Studies Guide

Αρχική 5 Studies Guide 5 Contemporary Department Studies Guide

Studies in the Contemporary Department include 2 cycles and a professional preparation department for teaching and obtaining a diploma.

Studies Program

• 1st Cycle of Studies

• 2nd Cycle of Studies

• Professional Preparation Department – Teaching/Performance Diploma, with a duration of 2 years

In order to be directly admitted to the 2nd Cycle of Studies or to the Professional Preparation Department for Teaching/Performance, a Certificate of Studies from a previous Conservatory and/or an audition/qualifying examination are a prerequisite.
Τελική Συναυλία των Μουσικών Συνόλων στο Gazarte

Contemporary Department

The studies at the Contemporary Department of Musical Praxis Conservatory are based on the combination of specialization (personalized teaching) with the possibility to practice and participate in ensembles of the school’s students, as well as in seminars and workshops by distinguished musicians.