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Musical Ensembles constitute a significant educational function for the Musical Praxis Conservatory and they reflect the School’s main philosophies.

The student must immediately apply in practice what they have learned in class. This way, it is much easier to assimilate knowledge.

Through companionship, healthy competition and the exchange of knowledge and opinions, the student’s talent thrives faster, more easily and, above all, more pleasantly than by studying alone at home.

Having many years of experience since their systematic launch in 2000, Musical Ensembles are active today for the Contemporary and Classical Departments.

Each Musical Ensemble has a duration of 90’ once a week, in the school’s specially equipped areas. It is supervised by at least two professors (depending on the level and/or track). The repertory is flexible, adapted to the needs of each group and the students play an active role in choosing it. Non-Conservatory musicians can also participate (upon auditioning).

Concerts are constantly organized in professional settings (indicatively: Kyttaro Club, ILION Live, Hard Rock Café, Tin Pan Alley, Oxygono Live, Café Alavastron, Kreuzberg Urban Culture Bar, Avlaia, Dizzy Miles, Treno Sto Rouf, Cabaret Voltaire, Spiti, Methodia Live Stage, ΖΟΟ, Stavros tou Notou etc.).

All concerts are videotaped and recorded professionally and, during class, students receive reviews not only in relation to the performance of the songs, but also to stage performance (sound, setting, movement, wardrobe etc). Stage Performance seminars are carried out regularly by experts in the field.

Musical Ensembles

Pop – Rock I

Pop – Rock II

Pop – Rock III

Pop – Rock IV

Contemporary Classic Ensemble

Heavy Metal Workshop I & II

Heavy Metal Workshop Advanced

Jazz Ensemble I

Jazz Ensemble II

Jazz Piano Trio Workshop

Jazz Brass Ensemble

Gypsy Jazz Ensemble

Latin Percussion Workshop

All percussion for everyone – Workshop

Theatrical Team

Musical Theatre

Greek Ensemble – Pop/Rock/Entekhno/Rembetiko

“Praxis” Vocal Ensemble

Teaching Diploma Course Ensembles

Conservatory Choir

Praxis Junior Combo

Two-Part Children’s Choir

Supervising Teachers

Lia Hide

Musical Theater, Contemporary Singing, Monody

Giorgos Argyropoulos

Electric Guitar, Modern Theory & Harmony, Jazz Improvisation

Sokrates Ganiaris

Latin & Traditional Percussion

Dandoulakis Alexandros

Electric Guitar

Giannis Dimakos

Electric Guitar

Giannis Dimoulas


Spyros Karamitsos


Dimitris Koskinas

Electric Guitar, Choir, Solfege

Eirini Kraniotou

Singing, Harmonium, Piano, Monody, Vocal Training

Theodore Botinis

Electric Bass

Yiannis Papanastasiou

Jazz Saxophone

Sotiris Pomonis

Electric Guitar

Vassilis Triantafyllopoulos


Sergios Chrysovitsanos

Classical & Jazz Violin




Music Pre-Education


Online Studies