Contemporary Department Studies Certification

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The Musical Praxis Conservatory has been officially cooperating with the educational-examination program of the London College of Music since 2007.

The LMC was established in 1887 and integrated into England’s public educational institutions in 1939. It has been an integral part of Thames Valley University since 1991. Today, it is a modern educational institute and its goal is to provide students with knowledge and a modern approach to music. Our students have the opportunity, through exams organized in our conservatory, to consolidate their knowledge at all levels of musical education with a university degree.

The certification granted through the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority), an organization that operates as an official state seal for the approval of all examination systems, validates the above.

Furthermore, when the examination results are included in the NQF (National Qualifications Framework), it means that prospective students in British Universities can be awarded with extra credit for being admitted to the said universities through the UCAS system.

Examinations are organized in relation to the whole range of musical education: piano, classical guitar, orchestra instruments, classical and contemporary singing, theory, composition and conducting, classical percussion drums, also jazz and improvisation with all instruments. Examinations for electric guitar, electric bass, contemporary vocals as well as Popular Music Theory are organized in cooperation with the Registry of Guitar Tutors, whose members include famous musicians: Sir Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Carlos Bonnel, R. Gallagher and others.

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Contemporary Department

The studies at the Contemporary Department of Musical Praxis Conservatory are based on the combination of specialization (personalized teaching) with the possibility to practice and participate in ensembles of the school’s students, as well as in seminars and workshops by distinguished musicians.