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Here you will find frequently asked questions from students and our answers. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us .

What is the difference between a Conservatory and a Music School/Music Workshop?
In one word: Certification, in relation to facilities, equipment, security, but also most importantly: Certification in relation to Education!

The Conservatory professors hold degrees, diplomas and postgraduate titles, as well as certifications by cooperating Universities and Musical Institutions abroad (contemporary department). They receive continuous training and upgrading and, at the same time, have an active artistic activity. Degrees and Diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Education are awarded by the Classical Department.

In particular, in the Musical Praxis Conservatory and for the instruments of the Classical and Contemporary Departments, as well as for the departments of Advanced Theory, Composition and Conducting, Degrees and Diplomas certified by the University of West London and the London College of Music, which have been collaborating with our Conservatory since 2000, are awarded.

Further to the above cooperation, two-year programs for acquiring “Teaching” and “Performance” diplomas are provided. Moreover, we provide preparation for entrance exams to foreign Music Universities, for Musicology departments in Greek universities, as well as for claiming scholarships at an international level.

Why should I prefer to take a course in the Conservatory and not a private tutoring session at a time that serves me best?
Firstly, learning an instrument in the Conservatory constitutes private tutoring.
However, in addition to this, the Musical Praxis Conservatory provides full professional equipment both in terms of instruments, amplifiers, P.A. etc., as well as in education software, music technology and devices for play-along, recording, ear training etc. Facilities that comply with all requirements for acoustics, sound insulation, as well as operation and security.

Moreover, an endless library (hard & e-copies, CD, DVD) is waiting to be explored by you and of course, for any free time you may have, there is a beautiful patio and free Wi-Fi!
Our Conservatory constantly organizes concerts, master classes, special seminars, studio labs etc.

However, the most important thing of all, in the Musical Praxis Conservatory, you will be integrated in a musical community where you will communicate and share experiences, you will play with other musicians, you will be able to participate in one or more Musical Ensembles with the guidance of experienced professors, and your first concert will become a reality very soon!

I do not want to become a professional, I just want to play with my friends and I am not interested in academic knowledge, theory and examinations.
Very few musicians wanted to become professionals when they started. Besides, music is above all a way of life, a pleasant experience, communication. In the Musical Praxis Conservatory, you will learn to play the music you love, more easily, faster and, more importantly, correctly!

Our philosophy is putting musical knowledge to practice immediately. This does not just make assimilating knowledge easy and pleasant, but it also stops the lesson from being typical and boring, making it a creative “vehicle” instead.

Finally, examinations as part of the educational procedure aim to provide you with the ability to understand your progress and have a comprehensive view of your weaknesses and strengths. This way, you can create the necessary foundation to help you move forward. Moreover, it is very good preparation for anyone taking the RGT-LCM exams.

Can I start if I do not have an instrument?
Provided that the instrument of your interest is available, you can use it to study in the Conservatory’s premises at first.

This way, you will get the time you need to select exactly what you want from an instrument, which is a strictly personal matter your teacher can help you with this!

Can I study in the Conservatory?
Of course! The students of the Musical Praxis Conservatory can use the Conservatory’s premises to study for free, upon first making the necessary arrangements with the Secretariat.

Especially for our drummer friends who often face this issue, but also for all other instruments, there are specially designed and equipped spaces to do this.

I have visited many Conservatories, what more does “Praxis” have to offer me?
This is not something for us to tell you.

Our students are the ones who will, as they are the best advertisement we could ask for!
Of course, you also have an open invitation to visit our Conservatory!

You will immediately feel the atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to gather specific information and, very possibly, to have a taste of the daily events (musical ensembles, concerts, seminars etc.).

Book an appointment to get an introductory lesson for free.

If you are a bit shy, you can also use social media: there are many groups related to the Musical Praxis Conservatory in Facebook, in addition to the official one. The Conservatory’s website is also the place where you can receive information on our recent activities and our remarkable partners/professors (their CVs and musical events), as most of them are active musicians!
Finally, in the musicalpraxis channel on YouTube, you will get a taste of what it is like to be a member of the Musical Praxis Conservatory Community.

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