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Musical Praxis Conservatory is actively entering the field of online education.

With twenty years of teaching expertice, we adopt the completely safe digital environment, which offers a new, modern approach to music lessons (private or group courses), without borders and geographical restrictions.

Our experienced tutors provide the prospective students with all the knowledge and support for online courses of professional level, utilizing digital platforms depending on the nature of the instrument and the level of the student.

– Use a variety of applications / tools to perform tasks, presentations, exams, etc.

– Ability to record lessons/courses that allows the student to recall them via mobile / tablet / PC wherever and whenever one wishes.

– Certification of studies from the London College of Music / University of West London.


Giorgos Argyropoulos

Electric Guitar, Modern Theory & Harmony, Jazz Improvisation

Sotiris Pomonis

Electric Guitar

Giannis Dimakos

Electric Guitar

Dimitris Koskinas

Electric Guitar, Choir, Solfege

Nikitas Kissonas

Classical, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Chamber Music

Giorgos Karagiannis

Electric Guitar

Theodore Botinis

Electric Bass

Paraskevas Kitsos

Electric Bass, Classical & Jazz Double Bass

Yiannis Papanastasiou

Jazz Saxophone

Lia Hide

Musical Theater, Contemporary Singing, Monody

Zeta Tsoukala

Contemporary Singing

Nasia Gkofa

Jazz Vocals

Spyros Karamitsos


Giannis Dimoulas


Markos Chaidemenos

Jazz Piano

Giorgos Tsolis

Jazz Piano, Jazz Composition

Panagiotis Krampis





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