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The Traditional Department of Musical Praxis, includes Department of Eastern Mediterranean Music and Department of African & Latin Percussion.

The present department focuses on the repertory, techniques and musical systems encountered in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. The instruments taught are part of the “living” music tradition of the countries within the aforementioned geographic region.

The study of the instruments is based on written musical examples that combine the Western tonal system with the Arabic-Persian maqam. At the same time, efforts are made to ensure that the students get the best possible practice in terms of analyzing music scores, rhythmology, improvisation and understanding the different music ways of the Eastern Mediterranean. All elements above are exhausted in the musical ensembles; the participation of all students of the Eastern Mediterranean Music department in the ensembles is obligatory, without exceptions.

The repertory includes both music from the modal Eastern Music Tradition (maqam), as well as from its more recent mixes (popular scales). The repertory taught ranges from the scholarly and folk music of Turkey and the Middle East-North Africa, to the tradition of rebetiko music in the mid-20th century. At the same time, the student is able to attend classes on theory – modal harmony and rhythmology.

Finally, through the department’s Musical Ensembles, the student will be able to further assimilate knowledge and acquire valuable experience.

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