Classical guitar is one of the most popular polyphonic instruments in the world mainly due to its easy transport and its ability to stand both as an independent instrument and as an accompaniment.

During the lessons the student will be taught the necessary technique and ethnography from all eras and types of music on the instrument.

The classical guitar lesson is divided into the following levels:
Preliminary (2 classes)

– Lower (3 classes)

– Middle (3 classes)

– Upper (3 classes)

Then the student can take exams for a Degree and finally for a Diploma which is the highest certificate for a musical instrument in Greece. The duration of each class is one school year but there is the possibility, after qualifying exams, the student to jump to a higher class depending on his/her performance.

Τελική Συναυλία των Μουσικών Συνόλων στο Gazarte


Konstantinos Manolkidis

Classical Guitar

Classical Department

The Classical department of the Musical Praxis Conservatory, by utilizing its many years of experience in the field of musical education, has updated its curricula depending on the needs of the present times, based mainly on the collaboration with professors who are specialized in their field and with a modern educational approach.