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The “Piano Open Course” is a seminar course that is addressed to all adult students regardless of piano level and to all younger students of high school level and above.

The open piano lesson seeks the following:

– To contribute to the promotion of creativity, offering opportunities for self-expression, interpretation and stage presence.

– To provide knowledge (I learn to react properly on stage, to correct and manage my stress) through experiential knowledge.

– To contribute to the development of students’ aesthetic judgment and sensitivity, providing them with opportunities to evaluate their own work and the work of others.

– To enable students to socialize, develop collaboration skills, interact and respect others.

– To provide motivation for better framing and preparation of themselves and the works they interpret.

Music, as a unique form of non-verbal communication, has the power to influence the way students feel, think and act and can convey ideas and emotions through sound.

The purpose of this new course is the musical development of students through experiences, which consolidate their skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, so that both with their active participation as listeners and performers to communicate through music.

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The Classical department of the Musical Praxis Conservatory, by utilizing its many years of experience in the field of musical education, has updated its curricula depending on the needs of the present times, based mainly on the collaboration with professors who are specialized in their field and with a modern educational approach.