Drums & Percussions

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Drums and percussion studies are divided into four levels

Drums Studies


What we teach:

• Instrument techniques (fingers, B.Gladstone and moeller technique, bass drum technique etc.)

• All styles (jazz, funk, rock, fusion, heavy metal), emphasizing on the student’s musical orientation

• Greek music

• Play along

• Jazz improvisation

• Solfege, chart reading

• Solos, song forms

• Band/studio/live gig setup

• Career guidance

• Preparation for the LCM examination

• Harmony and music theory

• Ear training

Percussion Studies

The cycle of studies is addressed both to professional as well as amateur musicians.
It consists of five levels, but it is easily adjusted to each musician’s needs.
It includes percussion groups from Greece, as well as the wider area of the Balkans and the Mediterranean. It also includes the African-American percussion group, known as Latin, as well as some West Africa percussions.

The selection of percussion was made so that the musician completing the cycle of studies will be ready to respond to any request, both in the event of live appearances as well as recordings.
Teaching is also based on the contemporary and timeless needs of the Greek and international music scene, with individual and group classes of musical ensembles.


What we teach:

– Mediterranean – Balkan percussion cycle
Toubeleki, tarabuka, bendir, davul, daf (Epirus, riq, tambourine)

– Afro-Latin percussion cycle
Congas, timbales, bongos, cowbells, cajon djembe, snare drum, shakers, pandeiro, surdo, tamborim.


Sokrates Ganiaris

Latin & Traditional Percussion

Giannis Dimoulas


Spyros Karamitsos


Serafeim Bellos

Jazz Drums

Contemporary Department

The studies at the Contemporary Department of Musical Praxis Conservatory are based on the combination of specialization (personalized teaching) with the possibility to practice and participate in ensembles of the school’s students, as well as in seminars and workshops by distinguished musicians.