Electric Guitar

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Electric guitar studies are divided into:

Basic – four levels
Professional – teaching and/or performance diploma

What we teach:


• Instrument techniques (alternating, sweep economy & gypsy picking, taping, various left hand techniques etc.)

• All styles, emphasizing on the student’s musical orientation.

• Specialized professors for metal rock-blues, prog-fusion, jazz, gypsy jazz, acoustic.

• Rrhythm playing

• Lead playing/improvisation.

• Sound on the instrument/amplifiers/effects/rig setup – band/studio/live gig setup.

• Career guidance


Τελική Συναυλία των Μουσικών Συνόλων στο Gazarte


Giorgos Argyropoulos

Electric Guitar, Modern Theory & Harmony, Jazz Improvisation

Dandoulakis Alexandros

Electric Guitar

Giannis Dimakos

Electric Guitar

Dimitris Koskinas

Electric Guitar, Choir, Solfege

Sotiris Pomonis

Electric Guitar

Babis Tyropoulos

Blues Guitar

Contemporary Department

The studies at the Contemporary Department of Musical Praxis Conservatory are based on the combination of specialization (personalized teaching) with the possibility to practice and participate in ensembles of the school’s students, as well as in seminars and workshops by distinguished musicians.