Markos Chaidemenos

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Markos Haidemenos teaches Jazz Piano, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.



• 2007 – 2013 Degree in Informatics and Telecommunications at the Kapodistrian University of Athens with a grade of Very Good.
• 2008 Classical piano entrance exams at the Athena Conservatory in Galatsi, and admission to the 2nd grade with professor Elias Argyropoulos.
• 2011 Degree in classical piano with a grade of Excellent.
• 2012 – 2014 Jazz piano degree at the Musical Praxis Conservatory with excellent grade, professor Spyros Manesis and a committee consisting of George Kontrafouris, Irini Kostantinidis, Giannis Papanastasiou, Spyros Manesis, George Argyropoulos and Nikos Panagiotakis. He attended jazz piano lessons, jazz composition, jazz harmony and jazz history, as well as jazz ensembles and practical jazz teaching.
• 2015 – 2017 Postgraduate in Jazz performance at the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University with an excellent grade.

Professional & Educational Activity

• 2007 – 2018 Experience in live performances as a pianist.
• 2013 – 2018 Creation of a personal piano trio that interprets its compositions.
• 2011 – 2018 Collaboration with Mariza Rizou, participation in her first and second album as well as in all her appearances until today.
• 2013 – 2018 Work as a teacher (jazz piano) at the Musical Praxis Conservatory.
• 2015-2016 Work as a teacher (jazz piano) at the Art Conservatory.
• 2015 – 2016 Collaboration with George Fakanas at YFG with: Takis Paterelis,
Antonis Andreou, Mike Stern ect.
• 2017 Creation of quartet staff with Takis Paterelis, Periklis Trivolis and
Panagiotis Costopoulos who performs his own post-mainstream compositions.
• 2017 Participation in the personal album of George Krommidas named “Luteus”


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