Andriani Giakoumelou

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Andriani Giakoumelou teaches piano, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.


He was born in Athens. He studied piano at the National Conservatory from the age of 5.

He graduated in 2000 with a Piano Diploma with second prize, with Marina Kalatzis as professor, and in 2010 with a Fugue Degree, with Argyris Kallianiotis as professor.

He attended the piano master’s program at the University of Indianapolis, with the teaching of the Other Halapsi, and many piano interpretation and teaching seminars.

He holds a degree in Biology from the University of Athens.

Professional Activity

Participates in concerts inside and outside Greece.

She works as a pianist in musical and theatrical performances.

He is a member of the National Conservatory Choir from 2004 until today.

Educational Activity

He has been teaching piano and music theory since 2002 until today.


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