Nikitas Kissonas

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Nikitas Kissonas teaches Classical, Acoustic & Electric Guitar as well as Chamber Music, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.


He is an owner of the Greek Diploma in classical guitar and the Greek Diploma in music composition,a graduated certified tutor of electric guitar LLCM, an owner of Master’s degree in Music Composition (Bath Spa University) and a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy (University of Macedonia).

Apart from his music studies he is also a graduated naval architect.

Educational & Professional Activity

He is a guitarist and composer who has collaborated with many artists on a variety of genres and styles. He has released many records as members of bands such as Verbal Delirium and Yianneis and via his presonal mucical project Methexis.

He is a teacher of guitar (classical-acoustic-electric) and of theory (classical-contemporary-pop).


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