Zeta Tsoukala

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Zeta Tsoukala teaches Contemporary singing, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.


Zeta Tsoukala is a voice teacher and a singer-songwriter from Athens, Greece. She has been teaching for seven years and she has more than ten years of experience as a professional singer. She plays piano and guitar. She specializes in contemporary vocals (Pop, Rock, Blues)

She attended Alimos Music School where she studied piano, drums, marimba and flute. Additionally in high school she studied Harmony, Greek traditional music, and the traditional music instrument tampouras. She participated in many choirs and she was a member of her school band. Alongside, she was a radio producer in an underground radio station in Athens. After graduating, she completed the sound engineering course in SAE, Athens and started working as a technician for a sound company and in various studios.

Even though she was singing and taking piano lessons from early age she started developing her voice when she was nineteen. Around that age she started working as a session singer and recorded in different projects. In 2011 she moved to Manchester, UK and she completed the HND (higher national diploma) in music, at Trafford College. While she was in UK she was part of a band and in the meantime she started writing her own songs. Her voice teacher back then, asked her to take her place in the Open Mic UK as a judge. Around that time she started thinking of becoming a singing teacher.

After coming back to her hometown, she started studying at Music Praxis Conservatory in Athens and completed grade 8 in both Music Theory and Popular Vocals via LCM (London College of Music). After graduating as a singing teacher (Dip LCM in teaching) she started working with many students who have succeeded their grades and diplomas with distinction.

During quarantine, she studied Vocal Health (UK) and became a Vocal Health First Aider, along with the Bast training course for singing teachers (UK). She attended many webinars about voice pedagogy and vocal health where she met with excellent voice health professionals. Most recently, she wanted to expand her knowledge and experiment with different styles so she took lessons with Melissa Cross (Zen of screaming).

Her stage name is Jozette and in January 2020 she released her debut album “Inner Self”. After her live album presentation in February 2020, and despite the difficulties due to COVID – 19, she performed acoustically around Greece. Lately she started taking songwriting lessons and she writes her second album. She has been collaborating with many artists, bands or her students, either as a singer or as a vocal producer.

Her purpose as a singing teacher and vocal coach is to raise awareness about the voice to as many people as possible and help them achieve their goals. Whether they are total beginners, professionals, or people who use their voice a lot in their work environment.


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