Giannis Vryzakis

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Giannis Vryzakis teaches Choir Conducting, Monodia and Melodrama.


Giannis Vryzakis studied Choir Conducting with Michalis Oikonomou (Diploma with excellent grade unanimously and special distinction) as well as Monodia (Classical Song) in the class of Larissa Iasonidou (Diploma with excellent grade with M) excellent unanimously), Higher Theoretics (Degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue (Fugue), Organization-direction of the Band) with Stathis Ulkeroglou as well as Composition in the class of N. Fylaktos.

He has attended seminars and Master Classes of Choir and Orchestra Conducting with Greek and foreign conductors (K. Trikolidis, A. Kontogeorgiou, M. Economou, Maria Guinard, Dr. Zimphira Poloz, Dr. Andre Thomas, Andre Van Den Merwe, B. Aztulez, Dr. Emil Janev, Elena Criveanu).

Educational Activity

He has taught in conservatories and music schools as well as in the postgraduate program of the cultural direction of the Department of Communication and Mass Media of the Kapodistrian University of Athens as a special associate.

He has been working professionally with the choir since 2001.

Professional Activity

He has been the conductor of the Mixed Choir of Panteion University since 2014 and has been and still has been the conductor of the choirs: Mixed Choir of the Athens Bar Association “Harmonia Juris” (since 2010), Polyphonic Choir of Aegina (since 2008), Mixed Choir , Mixed Choir of the Municipality of Paiania (Glykon Nero, since 2003) and the student choirs of the Apollonian Conservatory of Athens.

He has founded the professional vocal ensemble of medieval and renaissance music Motectum Vocal Enemble as well as the experimental vocal ensemble Chorus Vivendi.

He is a member of the Board. of the Panhellenic Association of Choir Directors as well as of the International Federation of Choral Music (a UNESCO organization).

He has also written music for dance drama, documentaries, songs, orchestral and choral compositions as well as children’s and theatrical music for which he has been awarded (Ch. Spilioti: Who Discovered America, 2002).
He has also written articles on the history of music (Hi tech – encyclopedic dictionary “Classical Music” and has participated in the discography (Sephardic Chorus – Jewish Museum – “Small Choir¨MINOS EMI, Winter Swimmers” 2007 and the passage red lights ”2009 and a tribute of the CPG for the 100 years from the October Revolution to 2017).


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