Chrysanthi Zertopouli

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Chrysanthi Zertopouli teaches Music Kinetic Education, Orff, Pre-Education, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.


-Classical violin above – Professor Pantelis Despotidis (2007-2017)
-Complete of Carl Orff Music-Kinetic Education (2013-2016)
-Graduate of Music Studies of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (2012)
-Graduate of Harmony (2008)
-Graduate of Byzantine music (2006)
-Graduate of the Experimental Music High School / Lyceum of Pallini (2005)


-Children Dances – Andrea Ostertag
-Musical improvisation as a way of cultivating musical freedom – P. Kanellopoulos
-From the child’s side – M. Filianou
-Dance and music-kinetic education Orff – O. Agalianou
-Children dances – A. Slavik
-Integration of the arts: Dance & visual arts – B.Haselbach
-On the paths of music & dance – Ch. Sarris, F. Reraki
-Myths and ways – D. Gagne
-Elemental composition & construction of improvised instruments – E.Wieblitz
-Music & performing arts – D. Maragopoulos
Uploading a show – K. Sarropoulou

Educational Activity

– Rapporteur of Adult Education through Music-Motor Education Carl Orff in the 2nd P.E.K. ATHENS (2018)
-Secretary of the Association of Music-Motor Education C.Orff Greece (2018-PRESENT)
-Music teacher through the Orff music-motor education for children 3.5-5 years old at the Attica Conservatory of Ilioupolis (2017-PRESENT)
-Music teacher at the Primary School of the Ionian School of Filothei (2016-PRESENT every June-July)
-Teacher of traditional music through the Orff music-motor education for children 4-7 years old in the Archdiocese of Athens (2014-present)
-Conductor of K.A.P.I. Spata (2013 – 2014)
-Music teacher through Orff music-motor education for children 5-6 years old at the Foreign Language Center M. Kalodiki (2013)
-Tambura teacher at KEPEM Simonos Kara in the children’s department (2009-2012)
-Professor drum in:
Music High School – Alimos High School (2012)
Music High School – Lyceum of Ilio (2010)
Music High School – Lyceum Piraeus (2009))


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