The Curriculum in classical piano is fully compatible with the Curriculum of the Ministry of Culture.

We encourage children and adults of all ages to start playing the piano as music is a privilege for everyone! For this reason, but also because we understand that the piano attracts its fans from types of music beyond the Classical, in addition to the defined curriculum of the Ministry of Culture. We also offer a Free Program that students can formulate in consultation with their teachers.

Our teachers hold Diplomas and Degrees recognized by the state, as well as degrees abroad, as well as extensive teaching and stage experience.

Students attend private piano lessons and at the same time group theoretical lessons of Theory-Harmony (3 + 3 years), Solfeggio-Acoustic skills (6 years), Choir (2 years), History of Music (2 years), Morphology (1 year), but also Chamber Music (2 years).

During the studies the students take part in concerts that help them to get in touch with the essence and beauty of the art of music which is the communication with the public!

Classical piano classes are divided into 5 classes and a total of 13 years of study:

(Students with excellent abilities can also skip some piano lessons after consultation and relevant examinations.)

Preliminary Class (2 years)

The Preliminary class is an introduction to the basic techniques and theoretical needs of the instrument with the help of established learning methods (books) so that students can gradually read and speak the language of music through the piano keys. At the same time, the contact with easy works of the classical repertoire begins, which with the necessary examinations will introduce the students to the next class.

Lower Class (3 years)

In this class students expand their knowledge in the repertoire and the use of the instrument by studying pieces from all eras of classical music (Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism, Modernism, Contemporary creation), as well as in technique through exercises and pieces-exercises (Studies) and the dominant textures and forms such as polyphonic writing, the Sonata form, the Rondo, the simple bilateral and three-part form, the Prelude etc.

Middle Class (3 years)

In the Middle Class continues to delve into works with the previous characteristics but more demanding in technique (independence of hands-fingers, endurance, speed, memory, etc.), handling the sound color of the instrument, as well as understanding and expressing the form and interpretive requirements of each era of music.

Upper Class (3 years)

In this class students are invited to study masterful works of the whole spectrum of the repertoire (with the addition of concertos for piano and orchestra) at the same time expanding and deepening their interpretive skills. At the same time, through the Chamber Music lesson, they come in contact with a repertoire written for piano and various instruments (strings with bow, wind, voice.) During the upper class, students undertake to teach beginner piano students in collaboration with and under the guidance of their teachers, but and the management of the Conservatory.

Upon completion of this class, students are given the opportunity to give a recital of specific specifications, with a selected committee of examiners, in order to receive the Piano Degree. Degree holders have the right to teach piano.

Diploma (2 years)

Students who want to perfect their solo skills are admitted to this level. For the award of the Diploma they are invited to give a skillful recital of specific specifications that includes an entire concerto for piano and orchestra.

Τελική Συναυλία των Μουσικών Συνόλων στο Gazarte


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Panagiotis Krampis


Eirini Kraniotou

Singing, Harmonium, Piano, Monody, Vocal Training

Petros Bouras


Classical Department

The Classical department of the Musical Praxis Conservatory, by utilizing its many years of experience in the field of musical education, has updated its curricula depending on the needs of the present times, based mainly on the collaboration with professors who are specialized in their field and with a modern educational approach.