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The Flamenco guitar is a very special musical direction, which gives the guitarists powerful tools that they can adapt to any (Fingerstyle) genre they are involved in.

Although as an instrument construction, one would say that it is quite similar to the classical guitar, at the playing level these are two completely different instruments.

The Flamenco guitarist is required to accompany the Flamenco dance / song accompaniment as well as to practice the various types of right-hand techniques, Rasgueos, picado, arpegio, etc. strengthening and recursos, so that he can cope with the Flamenco repertoire. Part is also the engagement with rhythmic exercises to familiarize the guitarist with the compas (rhythm) which is vital for the performance of repertoire and the ‘correct’ accompaniment of dance and song.

Finally, apart from the solo part and the charm of this instrument, it is very important the opportunity given to the guitarist Flamenco to create musical ensembles with dancers, singers or other organ players and to experience the feeling of musical coexistence.

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Kartibelis Panos

Flamenco & Classical Guitar

Contemporary Department

The studies at the Contemporary Department of Musical Praxis Conservatory are based on the combination of specialization (personalized teaching) with the possibility to practice and participate in ensembles of the school’s students, as well as in seminars and workshops by distinguished musicians.