Mixed Choir

The Mixed Choir of Musical Praxis Conservatory started in 2003 as a core course, within the curriculum of the Advanced Theory course of the Classical department.

Since 2004, following a proposal by the artistic director Mr. Nikos Panagiotakis, the choir course became mandatory in all areas of study of the Conservatory.

Students from the Classical, Modern, Jazz and Traditional departments have the opportunity to participate in the largest musical ensemble of the Conservatory, where the student as he does not use his instrument-object, participates on equal terms with everyone in a musical process which:

– handles the voice as a basic supply. They do not need knowledge of singing, but through the process, everyone learns the basic technique of using the voice
– “composes” a single polyphonic instrument, with equal responsibility of all members, highlighting the group effort
– helps decisively in the understanding of the musical components (rhythm, structure, organization, melody, harmony) with emphasis on the latter (harmony, counterpoint)
– trains all the fundamental qualities of a musician, from the perception of many parallel musical themes to the development of ability for backing vocals in bands
– highlights the importance of speech in music
– gives an opportunity to get acquainted with all the musical idioms

In the first level of choir, the student is required to be able to recognize-reproduce what he hears. The repertoire is based on this condition and covers styles with characteristic -familiar- patterns and melodies. Pop, rock, jazz and soundtracks from movies and music. Cultivate a sense of harmony and techniques such as beatbox etc.

In the second level there is more complex music, based on harmony and counterpoint. Music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, etc., requires knowledge of solfège and sight reading, while pieces from the modern era require knowledge of harmony and rhythmic ability.

The Conservatory Choir Music Practice consists mainly of students of the Conservatory, but can also participate anyone who loves choral music and has the necessary qualifications.

The average age of choirs is 25 years.

The choir is conducted by our talented collaborator – conductor Dimitris Koskinas, with extensive experience as a choir conductor in Greek and International choirs. Among others, he has collaborated with the Choirs PPC SA, FONS MUSICALS, Eklipsis, EMPORIKI BANK. With the conductors Konstantaras Kostis, Vassilios Nikos, Karytinos Loukas, Myrat Alexandros. He has also collaborated with the Opera House, the Concert Hall (modern and classical operas, oratorios, cantatas). He has taken part in world choir festivals, concerts in Cyprus, Austria, USA, etc.

Artistic Director of the Choir is the Artistic Director of the Conservatory, composer, Nikos Panagiotakis.

The Conservatory Music Practice with its choir, ensembles and multidimensional curriculum, submits a comprehensive proposal in music education aiming at cultural culture, the development of musical perception as well as the professional training of its students.

In April 2017, the Choir of the Conservatory Music Act took part – for the first time – in the 27th PANHELLENIC CHOIR COMPETITION HON 2017 and was distinguished with the award of the First Excellence! In November 2019 he took part in the 6th Artiva International Choir Festival, held in Nafplio, and won the Silver Medal in the category of religious music, in a demanding repertoire.


Dimitris Koskinas

Electric Guitar, Choir, Solfege

The Conservatory

Musical Praxis Conservatory having experience in the field of music education since 2000, has the flexibility to adjust the curricula according to the present needs, based mainly on the collaboration with teachers specialized in their subject and with modern educational concepts.