Music Technology & Music Production

Annual studies cycle – 60’/Week

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The course will analyze the basic methods and tools used
in contemporary music production and music technology.

Learn how to set up your own studio at home, what equipment is needed and how to use the various types of software that are suitable for music production, such as Pro tools and Logic. Learn about the different options for sound cards, computers and speakers (monitors) as well as ways to configure your space by minimizing the noise interference of your room.

Participants will become familiar with the various stages of discography and will develop their own recording, production and mixing methods.
Emphasis will be placed on listening to and analyzing classic records of the past as well as modern recordings from all genres.

With these templates, students will be encouraged to develop their own critical listening skills as well as to delve deeper into how some of their favorite recorded sounds were captured!

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Haris Karatzas

Music Technology - Music Production


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