Musical Praxis Conservatory

Musical Praxis Conservatory has been teaching new generations of musicians for over a decade. Classical education and contemporary music coexist, so that every student comes in pluralistic contact with all things musical of our times.


Studies at Musical Praxis Conservatory embrace the whole spectrum of music. The Conservatory includes modern, classic and traditional departments, ensembles and special workshops.


We rely mainly on the collaboration with renowned teachers specialized in their subject and with modern educational concepts.

Studies Certification

Our students have the opportunity, through exams organized in our conservatory, to consolidate their knowledge at all levels of musical education with a university degree.

Music Pre-Education

For children aged 3-6


Inspired by Carl Orff (1895-1982), musicokinetic education is based on the three elements of speech-music-movement, which function as a single unit, the unifying element being rhythm, as well as on the proven assumption that song and movement are understood as one unit during childhood.

Online Education


With twenty years of teaching expertice, we adopt the completely safe digital environment, which offers a new, modern approach to music lessons (private or group courses), without borders and geographical restrictions.

Musical Ensembles


Musical Ensembles constitute a significant educational function for the Musical Praxis Conservatory and they reflect the School’s main philosophies. The student must immediately apply in practice what they have learned in class. This way, it is much easier to assimilate knowledge.

Registration for the new academic year has begun!

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