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Lia Hide teaches popular music vocals, musical theater vocals & songwriting, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.



She has studied Songwriting, Classical Singing, Classical Piano, Popular Music Vocals, Musical Theater, Jazz Piano, Advanced Harmony and Counterpoint and Business Administration. She holds an MMus in Songwriting (Merit, Bath Spa University), Bachelor of Arts (American College of Greece), Licentiate in Piano Performance (Hons, Guildhall School of Music and Drama), Associate in Business Administration, Classical Singing Performance Diploma (Highest Distinction, 1st Prize), Piano Performance Diploma (Highest Distinction, 1st Prize) and Advanced Harmony (Degree). She has studied and attended seminars and masterclasses with G. Hadjinikos, D. Toufexis, N. Tsaldarakis, T. Papageorgiou, Duo Fina, D. Panourgia, E. Kolmanovich, M. Uhde, D.R. Moor, Y. Pantazatos, P. Adam, G. Katsanos and more).

Professional Activity

Lia Hide is the prolific girl of Greece’s dark/avant/progressive pop. A very ‘sound-documented’ lady, she has been recording since the early 00s, with celebrated projects and artists like Robin Skouteris, Influence, A Dog Named Rodriguez, ELIOT and many more. With more than a dozen collaborative albums in her past, she was featured in Greek and International compilations by the Sound of Everything, Global Underground, Planetworks, Amour Records and more. She has released 4 solo albums, music for dance drama and theater and has collaborated with the crème de la crème of Greece’s electronika and pop scene. She has toured Greece extensively and has completed four major European tours in more than 10 countries, and has also performed in the US and Canada. She was also invited to perfom in major Greek and European Festivals and has shared the stage with Tricky, Kovacs, Keep Shelly in Athens, Kadebostany, Joseph Van Wissem, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Molly Nilsson, KBHTA, Demetra Galani and many more.

She released her first solo album “Home” by ΕΜΙ-Universal (2013) with “Everyone Seems to Know Who I Am”, 2017 (mastered by the Grammy awarded Adam Ayan), and “Tells no Fairytales”, 2019 (B-OtherSide, mastered by the monumental Denis Blackham) following, while in the meantime she composed music for theatre and dance (Copia Aperta : Dario Fo, 2012, Genoktonia : Pavlos Kourtidis, 2019 (release by Idalgos Publications, 2019) and more. Her 4th album “The Missing Fourth Guest”, 2022, was released by US label Conch Town Records, while the video art completing the album are celebrating a massive success with numerous awards in international film and video festivals and competitions.

She is the founder, instructor and musical director of Praxis Vocal Ensemble.

Educational Activity

Lia Hide teaches popular music vocals, musical theater vocals, songwriting as well as vocal ensemble, classical singing and piano, popular music history and pop/rock ensembles. She teaches exclusively at Musical Praxis Conservatory.


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