Introduction to Music Technology

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The course will analyze the basic methods and tools used in contemporary music production and music technology.

Learn how to set up your own home studio, what equipment you need and how to use the different types of software suitable for music production, such as Reaper or Cubase (DAWs) and plugins. Learn about the various options in microphones, sound cards, computers and speakers (monitors) as well as ways to configure your space by reducing the acoustic interference of your room to a minimum. Explore the differences between live and studio sound engineering and what you need to know as a musician. Learn to record and mix your own music through practical examples.

Participants will also become familiar with digital score software (Musescore) and be able to create and listen to their own musical scores or exercises.

With these standards, students will develop their own understanding of music technology and how it benefits them as musicians. Through helpful tips and examples, they’ll have the knowledge to record, record and mix music from the comfort of their own home!


– Set up Home Studio setup – a step by step guide
PC-Laptop – Sound card – wiring – Speakers – Headphones
Basic acoustic principles-spatial shaping – Digital Studio (DAW) – my first recording

– Basic principles of signal processors
D.I., preamp, EQ, Compression

-Basic principles of console/mixer operation

-FX Basics:
Echo/Delay/Reverb – Stereo Panning – Modulation FX

– Getting to know my amplifier (for guitarists/bassists etc): types, parameters, tips for the right sound
– Getting to know my pedals (for guitarists/bassists etc): wiring, sequence, power supply, pedalboard setup
– Getting to know my monitor (for singers/keyboardists/drummers etc): types of monitors, communication with a sound engineer

Set up at a club gig – at a PA gig – in a recording studio
contact with sound engineer/producer necessary terminology

-Digital Sheet Music:
from a simple Chord Progression to Full Scoring


George Aidinis

Introduction to Music Technology

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