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George Aidinis teaches Music Technology, at Musical Praxis.

George Aidinis started private electric guitar lessons in 2008 with Aposotolos Leventopoulos spanning 5 years.

Following that, he was accepted in Music School of Ilion where he studied classical guitar and classical harmony with Stelios Vlassopoulos and Ioannis Pantazatos respectively. At the same time he becomes a member of the Choir of Ilion Music School conducted by master conductor Antonios Palaskas. The choir comes on to win 6 gold medals (1 for each music genre category) in the “12th Antonio Vivaldi International Choral Competition” in Karpenissi.

In 2014 he starts private electric guitar lessons with Giannis Dimakos.
In 2017 he attends Horto Jazz Workshop in Horto, Pelion, where he studies with jazz musicians Andreas Papagiannakopoulos, Yiannis Papanastasiou, Kostas Yaxoglou, Vasilis Stefanopoulos, Thanos Chatzianagnostou.
He has also attended seminars with world-class guitarists such as Julian Lage, Kirk Fletcher and Alex Dante.

In 2019 he starts studies in jazz music and electric guitar in Musical Praxis Conservatory with notable musicians and educators such as George Argyropoulos, Giannis Dimakos, Yiannis Papanastasiou, Markos Chaidemenos, Alexandros Dandoulakis. During his studies, he also attends a 2 semester mixing masterclass with mixing engineer Charis Karantzas in 2021.

By the same time he also gets accepted in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens’ Music Studies Department and focuses on Sound Technology studies. Throughout the years he attends seminars in electroacoustic music composition, mixing and sound engineering. Later he starts working as a freelance mixing engineer and electroacoustic music composer as well as forming bands and teaching as a guitarist.


– National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) – Music Studies (Musicology) – Department of Sound Technology
– Music School of Ilion (2014-2019)
– Classical Harmony with Ioannis Pantazatos (2017-2019)
– Member of the Music School of Ilion Choir.
Conductor: Antonios Palaskas (Master Conductor Award 2015)
12th Antonio Vivaldi International Choral Competition in Karpenissi, Greece – (6 Gold Medals). (2014-2015)
– Classical Guitar with Stelios Vlassopoulos (2014-2019)
– Electric and Jazz Guitar Studies with: Apostolos Leventopoulos (2008-2013), Giannis Dimakos (2014-2022), George Argyropoulos (2023)
– Musical Praxis Conservatory:
Jazz Harmony, Jazz and Pop/Rock Ensembles, Electric Guitar.
With: George Argyropoulos, Giannis Dimakos, Yiannis Papanastasiou, Markos Chaidemenos, Alexandros Dandoulakis (2019-2023)
Charis Karantzas Mixing Workshop (2021-2022)


– Julian Lage (2016)
– Horto Jazz Workshop (2017)
– Kirk Fletcher (2018)
– Alex Dante (2019)


– Private Lessons on Electric and Acoustic Guitar
– Freelance Mixing Engineer
– Electroacoustic Music Compositions
– Electric Guitar and Vocals in the Music Groups: Groovy Pandas (2023), Jazzone Quartet (2022), Xaris and Friends (2022), Shugah Sweet Duet (2022), Ethnic Music Ensemble (2019)


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