Yorgos Dousos

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Yorgos Dousos teaches traditional and folk clarinet, at Musical Praxis Conservatory.



Yorgos Dousos is a flautist, clarinetist and composer. He studied classical flute at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki with professor N. Dimopoulos and at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam with professor Abbie De Quant, traditional clarinet in Serres with S. Vasdekis and at the Athens Conservatory with A. Arkadopoulos, musicology at the Aristotle University, and composition with K. Selamsis.

Artistic Activity

As a musician he has collaborated on stage with artists such as M. Kana, M. Aslanidou, M. Hatzigiannis, Glykeria, F. Velesiotou and in theatrical and musical performances with H. Alexiou, L. Nikolakopoulou, M Frintzilas and I. Michaelidis. In the theater he has performed in the performances “Operetta” (2018, N. Karathanos, National), “Plutos” (2019, N. Milivojevics, National), “Iketides” (2019, Livathinos, National), “The Kotjabasis of the castle tower” ( 2021, D. Tarlow, National), “Eleni” (2021, V. Papavasileiou, K.TH.BE – where he also supervised the orchestration). He is a founding member of the music groups Darnakes, Rom Royale, Federación tres and Messier 51.

As a composer, he has written music for the performances “O Autocheir” (2022, National Theater stage Rex, G. Papageorgiou), “Shooting Range – Wild Ducks” (2018, experimental stage of the National Theater, in-flux), “Tale for Two” ( 2019, K.Th.BE, A. Raptis), “Aristos” (2017, Poria theater, G. Papageorgiou), “Silence speaks” (2018, Porta theater, Hippo theater group) Ms. In 2015 he collaborated with the lyricist H. Kafteranis and composed music in the collection of songs entitled “To zeybekiko tou Menouisi” and in 2020 he released his first personal album “Serres” which is a solo flute. From September 2021 he is a PhD candidate at the MET Department of the University of Macedonia, with the subject of research being the teaching of the folk clarinet and supervised by professor M. Achalinotopoulos.


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